Justice on Trial - Chris Daw QC

With over 25 years of experience in criminal law, Chris Daw QC is a barrister who's seen it all. Murder, heists, the apex of international financial crime, and of course drug barons. He's defended many, many people. What drove him to seek answers? What alternatives did he find? And why should we abolish the prison system as we know it... and reform our drug laws?

In his new book, Justice on Trial: Radical Solutions for a System at Breaking Point, Chris decided to tour the globe, looking for answers and alternatives to our current approach to the criminal justice system.

As said, Chris has seen it all - quite literally - and he's got quite a few tales to tell! What works? What fails? And what expense and harm are there for individuals and society alike? How can we make sure less people go to prison, and for less people to go back to prison after their release?

This is a truly fascinating discussion. The book is available as from now!

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