Inside the Cannabis Social Club (UKCSC)

We're literally inviting you to join us at a real London cannabis members club, but not only that we're joined by:

Arfon Jones - Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North Wales

Greg de Hoedt - Chair of the UK Cannabis Social Club movement, known as the UKCSC

Dr. Melissa Bone - Lecturer at the University of Leicester, academic, and very knowledgeable on human rights

Yes, we're actually at a fully functioning London cannabis social club! This is an exclusive episode and we're lucky to have had privileged access. We're talking about what the UK cannabis social club model looks like; can it work in the UK? Will human rights play a role like it has in other countries? Can this model of reform be supported by the police? And will the UK adopt this pioneering method of drug policy reform?

There's a lot going on in this episode, and it may be the first time you hear someone coughing on a podcast after taking a strong cannabis dab...


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