Drugs: Think of the Children!

Episode 8 of Stop and Search - and Happy New Year! It's far too easy to deploy a cliché - and drugs are no exception. "Won't somebody think of the children?!" is a popular saying, made even more risible by the Simpsons. It's easy to get wrapped up with emotive energy when discussing drugs and children, so how do we make sure we don't patronise our emerging generations? Joining us, well, we couldn't have a better panel! - Mark Grist is a spoken word artist, poet, performer... and a former teacher. Mark has gone viral with some of his work, such as the infamous battle rap with Blizzard and his jousts with Distraction Pieces Network boss, Mr Scroobius Pip. - Dr Chris Van Tulleken is a well known television doctor who presents shows for both adults and children. With shows such as Operation Ouch and The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs, Chris is well placed to give some insight on education. It also helps that he's legally taken drugs on telly.We are also joined by LEAP UK's Chairman and author of Good Cop, Bad War, Mr Neil Woods. And I, Jason, am once more rambling and hosting. Come delve in and get involved.

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