Drugs: That's Entertainment

We're on our third episode already! On this edition of Stop and Search we're loosely framing it around drugs in film, books, television, and culture... well, that was the idea, but when you get a group of witty and intelligent people in a room, talking about drugs, it takes many twists and turns. On the panel we have:- Actor and comedian, Rufus Hound- Writer and musician, JS Rafaeli, - Our very own LEAP UK Chairman and former undercover drugs cop, Neil Woods. JS Rafaeli has written Neil Woods' memoir 'Good Cop, Bad War' which is out on August 18th. We go into why JS was so inspired as to write Neil's story... and of course, we chat with Neil himself on his own story: What goes on at street level policing to change the mind of an undercover drugs cop who now campaigns to legalise and regulate all drugs? Rufus Hound provides a great voice of commonsense. Having previously worked with LEAP UK's Executive Director (and Stop and Search's host) Jason Reed on the Oscar longlisted documentary The Culture High, Rufus returns to the drugs discussion and takes a swipe at many overlapping aspects of this social policy. Plus there's a few naughty words, so listener's discretion advised.

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