County Lines - with Writer & Director Henry Blake

The new film County Lines is set for release on December 4th, it is a comprehensive dramatisation of what goes on in the county lines drug chain, but the film is also about so much more...

Henry Blake is the writer and director of this new film but his background is in youth work - Henry conveys why he was compelled to make this film. We talk about what Henry saw in his work, how the film is a big snapshot on his time spent working with the vulnerable, and why the county lines drugs network makes some degree of sense to the children who fall into them.

We also have to address how politics and society have both played a hand in ensuring the practice of county lines is here to stay until we tackle inequality in our communities.

You can see County Lines by visiting the BFI Player or Curzon Home Cinema from December 4th. And you can follow Henry Blake on Twitter @HenryBlake26 - and the film can be followed @CountyLinesFilm

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