Colorado: The Highs and Lows of the Weed Business

Episode 9 of Stop and Search, and we're going in-depth.

As you may know, Colorado fully legalised cannabis in 2014. They now have a regulated market and are breaking ground in this new industry.

Olly Pollard and Becky Soloman were embedded in the highs and lows of Colorado's new weed business - they made a collection of documentary shorts which can be seen on Channel 4's online platform.

We were privileged to sit down with the filmmakers to have a good chat about what they saw, what they learnt, and what can be gleaned from this fascinating new development - will other states and countries follow Colorado's lead?

Becky and Olly were part of a team that took a long look at this fascinating new industry, what it means for patrons and Colorado residents. How is the banking system coping with these new found millions of dollars? And how do law enforcement and the media react?

So, what's really going on with legal cannabis? Let's find out!

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