Cannabis: The Grassroots Revolution

On our second episode we're going to get stuck in and take a look at the grassroots movement of cannabis reform. On the panel we have:Norman Lamb MP - a Liberal DemocratJoe Wells - comic and political commentatorDale Beaumont-Brown - film director and producer - and Neil Woods, former undercover drugs detective and LEAP UK Chairman. Why are we still having to have the conversation on the legality of cannabis? Why are medicinal consumers still subject to arrest in the UK when so many other parts of the world have reformed their laws? Will we see change anytime soon? Does everyone want to see change?Joe Wells is the voice of the cynic, he's someone that doesn't particularly want to see reform and is concerned for the impact of 'legalisation'. So, along with Norman Lamb MP, we lay out the case for regulation of cannabis. Helping us flesh out the real stories, Dale Beaumont-Brown let's us take a look at the new film that's coming out, Cannabis The Grassroots Revolution. Can we convince Joe?

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