Alastair Campbell

He's a mental health advocate, author, criminal justice reform advocate, chart-topping podcaster, and of course the director of communications under Tony Blair's term as Prime Minister - Alastair Campbell barely needs an introduction.

In this episode we go further with Alastair than he's ever gone before in giving his thoughts on failed drug policy and how the 'war on drugs' has caused harm across society. With Alastair's own personal tales of addiction, alongside his advocacy for mental health and criminal justice reform, Alastair is able to give a multifaceted perspective as to why he now looks at drug policy with different eyes.

We also quiz Alastair on the influence and power of communications - how could we not?! There's a lot to unpick in the episode, such as drinking and drug use in Westminster, the story behind Labour's reclassification of cannabis, Norway's pioneering justice reforms, and so much more.

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