Addicted to Drug Journalism

On episode 5 we invite some of the leading figures in journalism to join us behind the magic curtain - what really goes on within the media? On the panel we have: - Max Daly, author of Narcomania and a regular Vice columnist. - Mike Power, author of Drugs 2.0 and freelance journalist.- Decca Aitkenhead, broadcaster, author of The Promised Land: Travels in Search of the Perfect E, and Guardian journalist. You'll no doubt be a follower of the media to some degree or another, so what's your view? Do the press shape our thoughts - do the media influence society's opinion? And do those who work in this public-facing realm have a responsibility given how their works sculpts politics and our communities? Stop and Search is pleased to bring you this honest and highly revealing conversation. We really get up close and personal with some drug tales in this show.

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