Is Addiction a Crime? Part 1

Johann Hari, Tom Gash, and Livvy Haydock, well, this is a truly fascinating conversation!

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, so much so that we've turned it into two parts. So, to introduce our guests properly:

- Johann Hari is a journalist and author of 'Chasing the Scream', a definitive book on the 'war on drugs'
- Tom Gash is the author of the insightful and enlightening book 'Criminal: The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things'
- Livvy Haydock has produced and presented BBC documentaries on drugs, including 'Manchester's Heroin Haters' and has covered the Philippines in 'The Deadliest Place to Deal'

The question we ask: Is addiction a crime? How can society deal with substance dependency better, and... well, so much more; just take a listen, you won't regret it! For information regarding your data privacy, visit