Simon Jenkins: A Drug War History

Sir Simon Jenkins was one of the first journalists to cast a questioning eye over the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. We were very lucky to be invited into Sir Simon's house where we have a very interesting discussion on the historical aspects of our drug laws and how they work in today's society. Writing for The Guardian and author of many books on history, it's fair to say that Simon is one of the country's most respected writers.

We're joined by Neil Woods, former undercover drugs detective, author, and Chair of LEAP UK, and also JS Rafaeli, journalist and co-author of Good Cop, Bad War and Drug Wars.

In this conversation we delve into the history and legacy of the 'drug war', how the US coerced Britain into this approach, and how the 'British system' was our preferred method of treating those who may suffer with heroin addiction - so what exactly is the British system? JS and Neil really do lend us a great deal of perspective in this conversation given their research for the book Drug Wars which provides an overview of how and why we've reached the place we have with regards to a harmful drugs policy.

We say it every time... but this is truly a fascinating podcast!

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