Jonathan Pie: Critical Thinking & Polarisation

After coming back from their fact-finding trip to the US, the team behind Jonathan Pie join us to discuss their BBC film Jonathan Pie's American Pie. And oh wow, is this a conversation?!

Our guests:

Tom Walker, the person behind the Jonathan Pie. And we have an all-star list of previous guests in: Andrew Doyle, co-writer of Jonathan Pie. Olly Pollard, producer and co-director of Jonathan Pie's American Pie. And Jennifer Randall, lecturer at the Queen Mary University - where we were kindly hosted.

We cover a lot of ground in this, we mainly address themes around polorisation and critical thinking, hence the pod-title. As you'll imagine we cover themes around Brexit, Trump, and how these two issues ended up dividing nations. We do get some drug policy topics in too! And yes, this has some creative language and swearing.

Photo credits for the live event (and many thanks to): Darren Rigby Photography

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