'Duterte Harry' with Jonathan Miller, Channel 4 News Asia Correspondent

Channel 4 News Asia correspondent, Johnathan Miller, has seen firsthand what's going on in the Philippines with over 10,000 deaths through extrajudicial killings. The president, Rodrigo Duterte, is also known by his nickname Duterte Harry due to his swagger, violent style, and his brutal war on drugs.

Jonathan has written an extremely brave biography of the Philippines leader who has a bizarre legacy of referring to global figures as "son of a whore", he also holds press conferences at four in the morning where he rambles on for hours simply to amuse himself, it's fair to say Rodrigo Duterte is certainly an interesting character.

It perhaps goes without saying that the number of people dead due to Duterte's orders is the most concerning aspect to this issue... but another world leader has praised this policy of death and destruction. President Trump recently congratulated Duterte on his drug policy!

Join us as we cover a lot of ground with Jonathan Miller, from his own experiences with Duterte, including joining the prestigious 'son of a whore' club, to the many people in the Philippines who he's come into contact with during the course of writing the book.

Let's talk about Duterte Harry - recorded in front of an audience at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road.

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