Tyler Tucci - SynerAI Foliko | Investing with artificial intelligence

Researching individual stocks can take a lot of time. In one particular case there were 8,599 news articles since January 1 this year that would have taken 860 hours to read. Add to that some historical data and you would have needed 1.32 years of reading to catch up and see the subtle shift in the way that Netflix was spoken before it's stock price dropped. How much information do you need and how can you put it at your fingertips?

Tyler Tucci is the head of research at SynerAI which runs Foliko an AI-powered platform for retail investors. Foliko's health factor framework evaluates each company as an investment opportunity across six dimensions to pinpoint the specific drivers of a company's growth or decline. Investment decisions have the clarity of a personal advisor with the data support of a team of analysts. Find out more at the episode blog post:. https://www.stocksforbeginners.net/blog/tucci

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