Todd Shaffer - VectorVest

"News flash-you are going to lose at times on the market…even the pros only have 50% winning trade percentages".

It was a pleasure to chat with Todd Shaffer, the Manager of Research for VectorVest We talked about the realities of trading and how he realized from a young age that the ‘tools were weighted to the professionals so he knew he couldn’t compete with them’. He explained the emotional decisions people make when it comes to investing and the mistake of focusing on making money rather than developing a methodology of investing. Todd explained VectorVest’s commitment to a systematic approach to investing that is based on their 3 pillars of Value/ Safety and Timing, which in Todd’s words; ‘starts putting the probabilities on our side of being successful’. He recommends organically expanding your risk as you improve over time and his 0.5% risk strategy. Todd views investing as an empirical intellectual exercise that requires study. VectorVest offers guidance to help investors plan their strategy.

Here are some resources that will help you on your investing path:

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