Robert Farrington – The College Investor

Robert Farrington is the founder of The College Investor the #1 tool to help get people out of student loan debt, learn how to earn more money, understand how to start investing and build real wealth.

"What's gonna make a big difference in your life is consistently investing over time and putting as much money as you possibly can into your investments. And then, if you can just get the market rate of return 10% a year, you are going to be solid by the time you're getting close to retirement, and, if you start this whole process when you're 20 years old 22 years old, you're going to be solid by the time you're 35. That's really the name of the game. It's not about what you invest in, it's not about picking stocks, it is about how much you can possibly get into your investment accounts as early as you physically can."

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