QUICK TIP - Engineering your risk management

Risk management is crucial in investing. Keith Smith is a former army engineer and a portfolio manager at Bonhoeffer Capital Management. In this Quick Tip, Keith describes how he manages risk like an engineer. Obviously, engineers are very interested in managing risk. I mean, you don't want that plane falling out of the sky.

"I think the real aspect from the engineering perspective is just the approach. I mean, engineering, you're taught a lot about margin of safety. The other thing that I did when I was in the air force is I was working on a satellite that was designed to live through a nuclear war. And one of the departments that I worked in was sort of survivability, which in essence, was the ability of basically the system to survive that. So you design a lot of margin in there. So basically what you're trying to do in terms of looking for investments, you're trying to look for investments that have a margin of safety. If things don't turn out the way you expect, you're not gonna lose a lot of money, but if things do turn out the way you expect, you can get some really nice upside."

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