1997 – Kathy Burke

Kathy Burke co-pilots Rylan’s time machine for a trip back to 1997 where they revisit the events, music and TV that defined the year. From the phenomenon of a new children’s television series to a nation in mourning at the death of the ‘People’s Princess’, Kathy and Rylan share personal anecdotes from one of the most memorable years of the 90s.

Production Credits

Step Back In Time With Rylan Clark-Neal is a Harbar 8 production.
Executive Producer: Daniel Clark-Neal
Producer: Oliver Morris
Assistant Producer: Simona Rata
Composer: Pascal Wyse
Production Manager: Sara Butler.

Archive Credits

BBC News © BBC 1997
Harry Enfield and Chums © BBC 1997
Teletubbies © DHX Media 1997
Nil By Mouth © SE8 Group 1997
Kevin and Perry Go Large © Icon Entertainment International 2000
Comic Relief © BBC 1997
Titanic © Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox 1997