STL 68 - Slides and Sass

Episode 68 - Slides and Sass

Count Eugenia Rutalowska of the Count's Corporeal Carpet Cleaning Company needs assistance due to a logistical mishap i.e. instead of carpet cleaner they now have cabernet.

Management Consultants’ advice: sass, backchat, no brain socks, mean puppets, nude hands, onesies only, give glove puppets a chance, competitive hate, pop up bar experience, cabernet clubhouse, mash pope, canyams, reward slides.

Content Warning for:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Bullying/taunting
  • Alcohol & alcoholism
  • Violence & injury
  • Vicarious embarrassment.
  • Discussion of: death, poisoning, self-recrimination.
  • Mentions of: trauma (inc. childhood trauma), gambling, guns.
  • SFX: sobbing, high pitched sounds, bells.


Special thanks to Sadie Moon for this episode's Brief Submission and this week's Patrons: V Guest, Fiona Porter, Archimedes 871, Annabelle M, CJ, Cowboyhell, Timothy LaGrone, Jen Amico, Sean Hurley, monstrous venus, Madeleine Wenc, Hyst, Plim Flatterband, Daniel Prehm, Charlotte Farquhar, Catherine Cerny, emrys lee, iriki, Miles Frankel, deirdre, Lea F., Kat Lancaster, Eric Silva, Rebekah Paerels, Julian Sanchez, Leah Hunter, Kiri Baildon-Smith, Bonnie-Jo MacLeod, Noa Jamie Remus, Emilie Clifford, Ruby Mitchell, Carol McPherson, Jules Schaefer, Bradlee Allen, Azra, Jasper Vega, Audrey Salo, Nora, Sara Clark, Georgia Wilson, Clowder of One, Abby G, Elliot G Grace, ZeekiZeii, Harley Powell, Alandrea, Rowan Krieghbaum, ty, Colleen Moore.

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Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith

Produced by Katie Seaton

Executive Producer Alexander J Newall


I.M.O.G.E.N: Imogen Harris

David 7: Ben Meredith

Trexel Geistman: Tim Meredith

Hartro Piltz: Jenny Haufek

Editing: Maddy Searle and Michelle Snow

Music: Samuel DF Jones

Artwork: Anika Khan

Mastering: Jeffrey Nils Gardner

Featured SFX: sgcardinal, bbrocer, martian, EminYILDIRIM, RoganMcDougald, MrAuralization, dobroide, kyles, InspectorJ, draftcraft, AnLorenzo & previously credited artists via Original Foley by Maddy Searle.

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