Stellar Firma Season 2 Outtakes (Part 2)

Stellar Firma Season 2 Outtakes (Part 2)


Gosh darns and fiddlesticks 


CLIENT - They can’t all be winners 


Consultant recommendation: I’ll be in my trailer... also, can someone please buy me a trailer.

Content warnings:

  • Overtly sexual noises
  • References to medical conditions and procedures.

This edition contains repeated loud beeps.


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Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith 

Produced by Katie Seaton 

Executive Producer: Alexander J Newall 



I.M.O.G.E.N: Imogen Harris 

David 7: Ben Meredith 

Trexel Geistman: Tim Meredith 

Hartro Piltz: Jenny Haufek 

Number 1: Amy Dickinson 

Number 48: Rachel Meredith 

Clytemnestra Cairn: Annie Harris 

Enola: Helen Gould 


Editing: Maddy Searle and Alexander J Newall 

Music: Samuel DF Jones 

Artwork: Anika Khan 


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