Little Clone Baby (Stellar Firma album preview)

Little Clone Baby (Stellar Firma album preview)

*Caution* Board sanctioned mandatory fun inbound. 

Confidential preview. Cosmic Lounge employee cabaret night.

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When it’s dark at night

and I close my eyes,

I can see you there:

only one that doesn’t hate me.

I think I dreamed it all,

got your drawing on my wall,

I just feel so calm

held by your arms.

Why are you so far away in Galactonium?

Hey, won’t you save me? Hold me? Maybe? 

I just want to be your little clone baby.

The days are hard,

the nights are worse,

so far from you

across the universe.

But I can see

your hand in mine,

it’s all just

a matter of time.

A matter of time.

At night I cry,

in the day I’m strong,

just trying to survive,

just need to be calm.

I can live

with this space above

if you just give

a piece of your love.

You’re not so far away in Galactonium.

Hey, won’t you save me? Hold me? Maybe?

I just want to be your little clone baby.

Won’t you let me be your little clone baby?


Music and Lyrics - Tim Meredith

Vocals - Ben Meredith as David 7

Production, Mixing and Mastering - JJ Perry

Band Leader - Dr. Beaver

Additional Music - Dr. Beaver and JJ Perry

Executive Producer: Alexander J Newall

Produced by Katie Seaton

Stellar Firma Music by Samuel D.F. Jones

Artwork by Anika Khan

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