Executive Quarterly - Ep 39E5YG, No. 1 (ID 1)

Executive Quarterly - Ep 39E5YG, No. 1 (ID 1) 

This week on Executive Quarterly With Sigmund Shankeray we have a surprise visit from No. 1, a great honour indeed and everyone was so grateful and honoured and grateful, thank you...thank you. 

We find out why No. 1 is as great as they are, and they also, entirely rightly, put Sigmund through his paces on his loyalty and commitment to the board, it goes very well, so grateful and honoured. 


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Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith  

Produced by Katie Seaton  

Executive Producer: Alexander J Newall  


Sigmund Shankeray: Tim Meredith 

Number 1: Amy Dickinson  

Editing: Maddy Searle and Alexander J Newall  

Music: Samuel DF Jones 

Artwork: Anika Khan  

Featured SFX by kyles, JarredGibb and previously credited artists via freesound.org. 

Executive Quarterly theme music by David Devereux  

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