Episode 36 - Spies and Subterfuge

Episode 36

Spies and Subterfuge 


CLIENT - Agent 42069 of the [REDACTED] Agency

The client(s) is/are interested in a facility to train and test spies. Suggested sales tactics: Spy on the spy, Trenchcoat!, Xylophagia, Portable AI.

Content Warning for:

  • Panic attacks
  • Comedic violence
  • Emotional abuse
  • Alcoholism

Special thanks to Astrid Grenzdörffer & Britt Beerbohm for this episode's Brief Submission and this week's Patrons: Evelyn Walker, Anne, Katharine Pigliacelli, Aaron Perill, Debbie Frangedakis, OrdainedCrownie, Becky Voller, Mersipan, Rosa, KnifeCat, Vriska Said Gay Rights, East5, Saika, Sydney Engelstein, Melanie Johnston, Amanda Overmyer, Darcy Morgan, Merapia F Zharkoff, Corviscus Inc., Icon315.

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Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith

Produced by Katie Seaton

Executive Producer: Alexander J Newall


I.M.O.G.E.N: Imogen Harris

David 7: Ben Meredith

Trexel Geistman: Tim Meredith

Editing: Elizabeth Moffatt and Maddy Searle

Music: Samuel DF Jones

Artwork: Anika Khan

Featured SFX by StephenSaldanh, toddcircle, ProjectsU012, mystiscool, InspectorJ, 2xm, lintphishx and previously credited artists via freesound.org, and original Foley by Maddy Searle.

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