Cabaret Night at the Cosmic Lounge: Welcome to the Cosmic Lounge

"Welcome to the Cosmic Lounge" 


Sigmund: Good evening everyone and welcome to Cabaret Night at the Cosmic Lounge; my name is Sigmund Shankeray. So wonderful to see some familiar faces here in the crowd, as well as the usual rabble and dross. 

Now, I want to assure everyone that certain parties are still banned from the Cosmic Lounge, and our security protocols our second to none, so old “glug, glug, yell, yell, smash, smash” shouldn’t be bothering us tonight. 

With that let’s welcome our first employee to the stage... 

Ah, hmm, I don’t seem to see a name here just a weird stain on the sign-up Sheet. Well, welcome to the stage this… person! 

[moderate applause] 




JJ Perry: Additional Keys, Production, Mixing and Mastering, Arrangement and Additional Music 

Dr Beaver: Band Leader, Guitar and Bass 

Tim Meredith: Music and Voice of Sigmund Shankeray

Maddy Searle: Spoken voice editing and sound effects

Album SFX by susychristiansen, squareal, Sandermotions, unfa, lchapman1980, Adam_N, jayfrosting, MindlessTrails, qubodup, 16FPanskaVyskocil_Tom, stomachache, SamuelGremaud, sidequesting, OwlStorm and previously credited artists via

Special Thanks to Amy Dickinson for advice and support .


“Welcome to the Cosmic Lounge” is from the album “Cabaret Night at the Cosmic Lounge”. © Rusty Quill 2020 


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