BEST OF – Strothers Wars Ep 15 : Danny Radford talks his Star Wars fandom & favourite Steele Wars clips

Welcome to Strothers Wars, where Eric Strothers of The Bad Motivators podcast talks to Steele Wars listeners about their Star Wars fandom and their fav Steele Wars moments.

On this episode Eric chats to Patreon supporter Danny Radford about his Star Wars fandom and favourite Steele Wars clips.

To hear the full length episodes (in order of appearance):

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Ep 055 : European Vacation – Jackie & Steele talk Secret Cinema, Madame Tussauds & the French Star Wars cafe

Ep 114 : Anthony Breznican : The most read journalist in Star Wars talks Lucasfilm, leaks & safety pins

Ep 174 : Dee Tails – Solo’s Quay Tolsite Takes Us Behind The Scenes with FULL VIDEO

Ep 183 : The Phantom Editor Responds To Ahmed Best – with Mike J Nichols

Ep 198 : Hugh Fleming – Behind The Scenes On The Phantom Menace Comic Covers

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