Questions You Have? Ep066 - Who's going to lose a limb in The Rise of Skywalker? - PATREON BONUS ALL ACCESS

Questions You Have? Answers I Give! 

On this episode...

- What other letters should be made into "Wings"?

- Who's going to lose a limb in The Rise of Skywalker?

- Do you think that the Gareth Edwards Resistance fighter survived the battle of Crait?

- The Obi-wan series is happening, do you think Joel Edgerton’s Uncle Owen should join the cast?

- Do you think THE SACRED JEDI TEXTS were already in the tree when Luke got to Ahch-To, or did he bring them there after the time he spent searching for Jedi relics post-ROTJ?

- Will a Force Ghost appear in The Rise Of Skywalker trailer?

- Who did Luke say "1000 generations live inside you now" in the D23 clip?


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