Hyperchat Ep 03 : Kevin Fiege Says "No SW", Princess Leia's Future & George on the EU - w/ Jason Ward & Courtney Everett

We talk all the week's Star Wars news with Jason Ward & Courtney Everett.

Kevin Fiege Says "No Star Wars", theorising Princess Leia's Future & George Lucas says "Luke never got married". 




9:37 Handling TLJ dislike with civility

13:50 Twitter poll results about this millennium’s most popular saga films

18:22 Clone Wars 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con

23:00 Ahsoka’s fate at the end of Rebels

25:44 Indoctrinating kids into Star Wars

29:04 The quality of the Disneyland character replicas

31:17 Recollections of the Solo world premiere

33:34 George Lucas’ opinions on the EU and whether the Legends books can still be enjoyed today

49:32 The rumors of Kevin Feige taking over Lucasfilm

52:15 The upcoming pipeline of Star Wars films

55:05 The uncertainty of Leia’s fate


Producer - Rashad Qasem

Chat Overlord - Emily Lind

Show notes - Dom Legaspi

Theme music - Paul Dempsey 


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