Ep 238 : Scoring The Rise Of Skywalker - Act 3

The long awaited conclusion to the Scoring The Rise Of Skywalker series comes down to a nail biting conclusion in act 3! Will the film retain it's act 1 score of 4? Can the 4 and 5 scoring scenes out weigh the 2's and the dreaded 1's? 

Along with wrapping up the experiment of scoring if there were more parts I liked The Rise Of The Skywalker than disliked, I then go fan service crazy with my "what I would've done" in the final scenes of the film. 

Ep 242 : Act 1

Ep 244 : Act 2

If you want to play along here's the chapter list for Act 3.

Ch 30: The Final Order begins

Ch 31: The Destiny Of A Jedi

Ch 32: Battle Plans

Ch 33: Welcome To Exegol

Ch 34: Drop Zone

Ch 35: Throne Of The Sith

Ch 36: Dark Turn

Ch 37: Dyad Of The Force

Ch 38: The Galaxy Responds

Ch 39: Emperor Reborn

Ch 40: Last Chance

Ch 41: Ben

Ch 42: Victory

Ch 43: Saga’s End

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