Ep 234 : Scoring The Rise Of Skywalker - Act 2

After act one "scored" a 4 out of 5 we continue the experiment of scoring or marking each seperate chapter of the film. 

Do I like more scenes than I dislike and does that reflect my overall feelings about the film. 

Plus what I would’ve liked to have seen different? What plot points seem to have changed mid production and how that affects the film.

What will the new score be heading into the climax of the film?!

If you want to play along here's the chapter list I made up for Act 2.

Chewie's Fate


Freak Out

Sith Translation

Chewie's Escape


Kylo's Chamber

I'm The Spy

The Reveal

Man Down

Arrival At Kef Bir

Jannah & Finn

Big Wave Rey

The Climb

Dark Rey

Look At Yourself


Waves & Sabers

She's Gone

Son Of Solo

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