Ep 232 : Scoring The Rise Of Skywalker - Act 1

On this episode I rate and review each “menu chapter” of The Rise Of Skywalker. Do I like more scenes than I dislike and does that reflect my overall feelings about the film. 

Plus what I would’ve liked to have seen different? What plot points seem to have changed mid production and how that affects the film. 

If you want to play along here's the chapter list I made up for Act 1.



Meeting Palpatine

Huleo Helps

Hyperspace Skipping

Rey Trains

Leia Comforts Rey

Poe & Rey

The Resistance Meets

I Must Go To Exegol

Leaving In The Falcon

Kylo & The Knights Of Ren

Arriving At Pasana

Meeting Lando

Speeder Chase

Serpent Serpent

Pasana Stand Off

This was super fun, looking forward to doing act 2 and 3.

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