Ep 179 : Preview Night - San Diego Comic Con Part 1

Get the experience of being at San Diego Comic Con having to do exactly what I want to do.


Watch the Hasbro booth tour. 

Our 4th annual San Diego Comic-Con blogpods begin!

-Steele takes a trip down memory lane of Comic-Cons past

-Previewing the SDCC exclusives, including baby Porgs and Itty Bittys!

-A sick Last Jedi poster from Acme Archives

-Steele is greeted in San Diego by the crew

-Steele hits Preview Night with Dominic Jones from the Star Wars Underworld podcast

-Will the quest for Itty Bittys be completed?

-Steele and Dom critique the offerings at the Hasbro booth

-Christine from the Hallmark booth joins us to discuss Itty Bittys

-Christine gives us an exclusive scoop!

-Dom and Steele give their first impressions from the balcony and speculate on what’s to come


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