BEST OF - Strothers Wars Ep 13 : Chris Hall talks his Star Wars fandom & favourite Steele Wars clips

Welcome to Strothers Wars, where Eric Strothers of The Bad Motivators podcast talks to Steele Wars listeners about their Star Wars fandom and their fav Steele Wars moments.

On this episode Eric chats to Patreon supporter Chris Hallabout his Star Wars fandom and favourite Steele Wars clips.


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Ep 067 : Ben Gillies – Silverchair & Star Wars – CLASSIC CLIP

Ep 100 : LIVE! Dee Tails : Cratinus from The Force Awakens talks about a role of a lifetime live at Star Wars Celebration Europe

Ep 187 : Ray Park – Darth Maul Returns! WITH FULL VIDEO

Ep 160 : The Sucklord – The art of toy bootlegging in New York’s Chinatown

Ep 093 : My Brother – Craig Saunders talks Star Wars, KISS & breakdancing

Ep 092 : Dominic Jones – Co-host of the Star Wars Underworld podcast

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