Long Shot: The Dice Game, Gran Turismo 7, and Everything Everywhere All at Once - Ep152

00:00 - The worst place to stage a stag do.

02:49 - Everything but the act of reading.

05:25 - Gran Turismo 7 is the sequel to… Gran Turismo 2? It’s an expectedly gorgeous simulation racer that goes back to one of its earliest entries for its inspirations. Is this the perfect audiobook game?

21:20 - “Do you think anybody will notice?”

26:00 - Everything Everywhere All at Once is the greatest multiverse movie, one where you just should not even try to comprehend what’s going on that, no matter how wild it gets, always manages to return to a very human story.

36:33 - A return to Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, as we check in with Russell Hobbs.

40:25 - Marvel: Remix turns card drafting into an extremely compelling superhero-based spin on Fantasy Realms from WizKids, with a simplicity to it that is immediately, and overwhelmingly, appealing. It’s a joy.

46:24 - Messing about in the water.

47:43 - Long Shot: The Dice Game is a roll and write and gambling game from Perplext that we’ve been after for quite a while now. It lets you explore the thrill and risk-based skills of real wagering, but in a lovely safe space.

59:59 - The 5th Emergency Service.

All that, and r/mum, with Kris (@DigitalStrider), Peter (@XeroXeroXero), and Sam (@MrSamTurner).

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