The Batman, AireCon, and Switch & Signal - Ep148

00:00 - The great debate, aka “do you eat or drink soup?”

02:49 - The Batman, a spoiler-free review.

25:50 - AireCon: origins.

37:04 - AireCon: the bring and buy sale.

42:09 - AireCon: meeting up with Hachette, and playing Sobek 2 Players (Catch Up Games) and Ganymede (Sorry we are French).

44:25 - AireCon: our thoughts on Switch & Signal (Kosmos).

58:00 - The Batman, more thoughts, but with loads and loads of spoilers.

All that, and semantic enigmas, with Dan (@ThisDanFrost), Kris (@DigitalStrider), Peter (@XeroXeroXero), and Sam (@MrSamTurner).

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Note: sometimes we'll have been sent a review copy of the thing we're talking about on the podcast. It doesn't skew how we think about that thing, and we don't receive compensation for anything we discuss, but we thought you might like to know this is the case.