BC31: D23 Conference News, Galaxy's Edge Tie-In Novels

The lead-up to The Rise of Skywalker began at the D23 conference in August, and our Star Wars podcast hosts have the news. The Mandalorian is premiering with Disney+, and we have mixed feelings about the tone. What does it mean for a Star Wars show to do “dark” storytelling correctly? Very importantly, the trailer also features a Twi’lek. We discuss what we think of the new The Mandalorian footage, including breaking down favorite moments from the trailer. Is The Mandalorian really likely to connect to the Sequel Trilogy?

We take a detour to Galaxy’s Edge to talk about the hotel planned for the park. Additionally, the tie-in novels Black Spire and Crash of Fate add to the canon—but are they very good? The Age of Resistance comics bring us new Sequel trilogy stories, including about Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren.

Especially compared to the breathlessness of the Marvel announcements, did D23 as a whole feel like an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan or not? In other news, the Kenobi TV show has officially been announced, and Star Wars Resistance will be ending after two seasons. With The Clone Wars coming to Disney+, a new group of Star Wars fans may be hooked on the prequel era instead of the original trilogy.

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