S18E1: The Most Effective Channels To Scale Your ICP with Postie CEO David Fink

The podcast is officially back for Season 18! What are we talking about in this week's episode?


These 3 letters are the refrain for any startup breaking into the market — find your Ideal Customer Persona/Profile.

But what happens once you do find that ICP, and how do you a) know if there are enough of them to keep pursuing, and b) if yes, keep finding more of them? David Fink has grown Postie to 5 consecutive years of profitability, with customers ranging from midsize to publicly traded, across multiple industries.

He's figured out firsthand the channels that make the most sense to target, segment, and expand based on where your company is today, and how you're trying to grow it.

He steps to the mic in our season premiere to share his journey in scaling up Postie.

He also shares how starting his career as a social worker prepared him to lead a company.

Find David online:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidlfink/

Find Postie online:

Website: https://postie.com/

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