S17E8: Minimizing Startup Chaos with HonestGame CEO Kim Michelson

Everyone talks about how startup life is crazy.

At any given point you're working on 5 different things.

Decisions made an hour ago might change an hour later.

What you thought you were doing yesterday might not be what you're doing tomorrow.

In a weird way, we're kind of obsessed with the chaos, and we tend to glorify it.

But operating from chaos doesn't help you grow a company.

As unsexy as it might sounds, you need discipline and structure.

This season of the podcast exclusively features guests from the Startup Hypeman client portfolio, and this week HonestGame CEO Kim Michelson steps to the mic to shares their EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System), and how that's helped them grow from 2 cofounders to 14 employees, over $2 million in funding, 188% YoY revenue growth, and partnerships with the likes of the Chicago Bulls and others.

Find Kim online:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimmichelson

Find Honest Game online:

Website: https://honestgame.com/

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