S17E6: Using People Stories as a Growth Lever with Electric Sr. Comms Director JoAnn Martin

Plain and simple, one of the best ways to grow a startup is to get the people talking — literally.

That's what ultra-fast growing startup Electric.ai has done incredibly well.

Through telling the stories of their customers, users, and even their own employees, they've managed to create a groundswell around their product that makes new customers, new users, and new users want to become part of their ecosystem.

This strategy has helped them expand from $17 million to $38 million ARR in 2021, and on pace for $80 million ARR in 2022, plus grow from 200 to 500 employees in a year, AND raise $190 million in total.

This entire season of the podcast we're featuring the different companies in the Startup Hypeman client portfolio, and it is my absolute honor to have Electric's Sr. Comms Director, JoAnn Martin, step to the mic this week to share how they've used people stories as rocket fuel towards their growth.

Find JoAnn online:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannmmartin/

Find Electric online:


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