S17E3: Raising Your First $500k with Science On Call COO Luisa Castellanos

Science On Call isn't your typical startup.

Which is why when they originally founded, they didn't even entertain the idea of investor capital.

But that narrative changed when they stopped thinking of their company as a restaurant IT consultancy, and started thinking of it as an IT platform for restaurants.

This shift came with a business model change and a redirected vision.

A vision that could be significantly bolstered through outside investment.

Startup Hypeman had the chance to work on Science's pitch in 2020 shortly after their founding and I was seriously impressed with their passion and zeal.

Within a couple of months they won $1k in a pitch competition.

Then they were accepted into Techstars, and 1 year later they pulled in their first institutional money from LongJump VC.

To date, they've raised over $500k. Last season we had their cofounder Andy Frievogel on the show to discuss selling into the restaurant industry.

This week their other co-founder Luisa Castellanos steps to the mic to detail the journey of their first $500k. (Oh and, she also recounts her first venture as a pre-teen selling hand knit iPod cases!)

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Website: https://scienceoncall.com/

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