S17E12: Establishing A Partner-Sales Ecosystem with The Peak Beyond COO Jen Dye (Season Finale!)

When you think about sales you typically think about generating your own leads, you and your team selling directly to the customer, and your entire sales operation being an in-house effort.

Jen Dye has a different approach.

She believes selling can and should be a team effort.

Not just with your internal team members, but alongside external partners.

The Peak Beyond's founding team has been able to reach nearly $1 million in ARR — without a single dedicated sales hire — by building a Partner-Sales ecosystem that helps ensure the majority of their leads come through warm referrals or as part of a larger sale alongside other companies' products.

All season long we're talking exclusively with clients from the Startup Hypeman portfolio, and we had the honor of working alongside The Peak Beyond for their Series A round.

In our season finale, Jen shows us how partnerships have helped them grow inside the budding Cannabis retail industry.

Find Jen online:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferldye/

Find MORE online:

Website: https://www.thepeakbeyond.com/

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