S17E10: Landing Investors When You DON'T Have Revenue with New Age Meats COO Derin Alemli

The hardest thing to do during the capital raise journey is convince investors that your startup is a risk worth taking.

It's even harder to do if you don't have any revenue behind your name but you're still saying, "Just trust me."

Sustainable meat company, New Age Meats hasn't generated a dollar in revenue yet, but they've raised $32 million to date across Seed, Bridge, and Series A rounds.

All season we're talking exclusively with clients from the Startup Hypeman portfolio, and we had the honor of working with New Age Meats on their pitch as they ultimately raised $25 million for their Series A.

Their COO Derin Alemli steps to the mic this week to dish out what you need to know at each phase of the investment journey, and how to make bank when you're not yet making bank.

Find Derin online:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dalemli/

Find New Age Meats online:

Website: https://newagemeats.com/

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