S16E2: Maximizing Results with Minimal Inputs with Advisor Jim Vaselopulos

There's this weird obsession with hustle culture, where you're made to feel that if you're not working 70 hour weeks, putting in time on weekends, and skipping holidays that you must be doing something wrong.

But that lifestyle simply isn't sustainable and you either end up burning out or making really bad personal decisions.

What if there was another way? And not just from a mindset perspective, but from an operations perspective?

Jim Vaselopulos, host of The Leadership Podcast, has been in the game for a long time, building his name as a sales leader, C-suite advisor, and investor.

You'd think with so much experience he must have done this through hustling hard day in and day out.

But not so much — in fact Jim describes himself as lazy.

Jim's been a mentor of mine for several years and he steps to the mic to share his strategies on how can get more by doing less.

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Plus: Hear the elevator pitch of Startup Hypeman portfolio client Swish House, using the Que PASA Elevator Pitch(TM) Formula!

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