#HYPEsession with Kate Porfilio

Arguably, the best story your company can tell is the story of customer success.

But the key is that it's a STORY.

We're back with a brand new #HYPEsession -- this time with The Case Study Copywriter, Kate Porfilio.

Kate writes case studies that turn your clients’ successes into irresistible stories that sell.

She has distilled 17 years as a marketer, copywriter, and designer to create her Case Study Method that has one end goal in mind for you… more sales.

She shares:

  1. Why case studies are important in driving sales.
  2. The formula for creating a powerful case study.
  3. Where most companies get it wrong.
  4. Her favorite case study she's developed.
  5. Where you can use case studies in your sales process.

Enjoy, and remember, #HYPEsessions are available here, and simulcast in video format on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/rajivnathan and IGTV @startuphypeman!

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