GTM 1-11: Getting 150,000 Customers Via Product-Led Growth with CEO Krish Ramineni

You've probably joined a virtual meeting where a phantom 3rd party named Fireflies also joined.

Heck, maybe it was your personal Firefly that joined.

You're not alone.

In fact, has taken notes for over 5 million calls and is now used by over 150,000 organizations.

It's no wonder Khosla Ventures led their $19M Series A round.

When you hear those kinds of numbers, you think of massive marketing and sales budgets.

But Fireflies did it without spending on either. Instead, they focused entirely on product-led growth and opting for a horizontal go-to-market over vertical.

Krish steps to the mic in this week's episode to share how they successfully achieved their PLG strategy, and even shares the real story behind the Fireflies name (it's not what you think).

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