StarShipSofa No 601 James Beamon

StarShipSofa No 601 James Beamon

Originally published in Penumbra 

James Beamon served in the US Air Force, was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and has over twenty years worth of hilarious marriage stories but assumed no one would know unless he could get his bio in print.  So he worked with cheetah speed and weasel scruples to get stories published in places such as F&SF, Lightspeed and Apex Magazine so the audience could finally find his bio.  Determined that even more people would find his bio, he wrote a debut novel called Pendulum Heroes and included an About the Author section. And he's going to keep writing, mostly because bios don't come with like buttons and view counts and he can't determine how many people have really seen it.  He encourages you to check out what he's up to at or on twitter @WriterBeamon. 

Narrated by: Eliza Chan

Eliza Chan is a Scottish-Chinese writer published in Fantasy Magazine, Fox Spirit’s Asian Monsters,Persistent  Visions and Mithila Review. She writes about East Asian mythology,  British folklore and madwomen in the attic, but preferably all three at once.

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