StarShipSofa No 448 Hugo Nominee Part 1 Brooke Bolander

Week 1 of Hugo Nominees

This story is nominated for Best Novelette

Main Fiction: "And You Shall Know Her By The Trail of Dead" by Brooke Bolander

Originally appeared in Lightspeed, Issue #57. Audio produced by Skyboat Media.

Brooke Bolander is a chaos-sowing trickster of indeterminate employment, half-tornado, half-writer. Originally from the deepest, darkest, swampiest regions of the southern US, she attended the University of Leicester from 2004 to 2007 studying History and Archaeology and is a graduate of the 2011 Clarion Writers’ Workshop at UCSD. Her work has been featured in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Nightmare, and several anthologies, including Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016. A finalist on this year's Nebula, Hugo, Sturgeon, and Locus ballots, she currently resides in New York with her partner, their pets, and a small but growing army of haughty house centipedes.

Narrated by: Gabrielle de Cuir

Gabrielle de Cuir has narrated close to one hundred books and many dozens of short...

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