SIM Ep 96 Pod 32: flying solo, disabled creatives and imposter phenomenon

In this episode, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord do a metric shit-tonne of learning. Seriously. Dr Terri Simpkin explains all about imposter phenomenon (and why it's not a syndrome) and cures Hannah (crikey!); career coach Sheila Chandra and actor/theatremaker Lisa Hammond, aka EastEnders' Donna Yates talk being disabled creatives, how government rhetoric, not to mention cuts, is making life harder for people with disabilities and reminisce about Grange Hill; travel writer Laura Jackson shares some corking tips for birds flying solo, and Cambridge cox Sophie Shapter talks the Boat Race. Obviously.

Jizzclowns abound in the Bush Telegraph and Netflix gets the starring role in Sexism of the Week. Also, there is A LOT of Phil Collins. Like, A LOT. Brace yourselves for Dunleavy Does Disney's Tarzan, kids – you can feel Phil coming in the air tonight. Oh lord.


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