SIM Ep 528 BONUS POD: Stop! Coffee time!

An extra podcast? You are welcome, you lucky, lucky people. 

We’ve teamed up with Carte Noire, makers of delicious coffee and big proponents of the French art of living, to celebrate the joy of living life to the full. We’re also huge fans of YOU DO YOU, MATE! so in this episode we chat about what that means to us. For Jen, it’s cycling across America, for Mick, it’s having a nice sit down and a stare with a mug of the good stuff, and for Hannah, it’s making the decision to put herself first sometimes.

And we did – of course! – get some other excellent women involved: workaholic journalist Hazel Davis talks about the importance of taking a break, mental health advocate Lucy Nichol tells us why it’s key to be true to yourself, and teacher Lucy Reynolds shares her sanity-saving (occasionally stealth) coffee rituals.  

Brew up, get comfy and enjoy.

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