SIM Ep 525 Pod 163: Comedy writing, channel swimming and Olympic rumpy pumpy

Splish, splash, we were… having a bath? Nah, swimming the Bristol Channel more like. Not Mick, Hannah and Jen – OBVS! – but the Henley Mermaids are undertaking this epic open-water challenge to raise cash for the Sunrise charity for brain conditions. Three fifths of them chat to Jen about the whats, whys and hows, as well as the many joys of being self-defined “middle-aged ladies”. 

Mick and Hannah have a bloody lovely time chatting with Georgia Pritchett, multi award-winning screenwriter of top-level telly – including Veep, Succession, and The Thick Of It – about why feelings are like pickled eggs, the wait and travelling involved in writing with other women, and why ‘Boss and Toss’ was the TV romance we all needed. 

The team are all wearing corduroy suits and smoking like chimneys as 1976’s All The President’s Men gets Rated or Dated. And there’s rumpy pumpy, grumpy Dutch veg sellers and way too much singing in the Bush Telegraph.  

If you fancy chucking the Henley Mermaids some bunce for their wet endeavours, you can do so here:

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