SIM Ep 522 Pod 162: Innovation, inclusion, and ick, what just happened to his head?

Ever wondered if the economy is built for men and whether or not that might be doing us all a massive disservice? You’d be right, says financial journalist Katrine Marçal. She chats to Mick about Mother of Invention, her excellent new book shining a light on how understanding the consequences of sexism in our economy could be what saves us all. 


Ahead of this summer's Paralympics, disability rights charity Scope has published some shocking findings about declining rates in sports participation among the disability community of Great Britain. Jen caught up with Laura Cook to discuss the charity’s Make It Count campaign and the barriers facing disabled people looking to stay active.


In the Bush Telegraph, we’re chatting about how all sorts of bellendery, rather than football, came home, and we look to cows – yes cows – for some good news. Meanwhile there's small plot, big CGI and massive cinematic ripples, as 1996’s The Frighteners gets Rated or Dated.

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